All items are packed by me and shipped either UPS or US mail whichever is less expensive. I  charge $10.00 for the labor and materials to pack the average item. It is more for wall clocks and larger items and we can discuss this prior to shipping.  I am trying to keep  shipping costs to a minimum.   In most cases the shipping costs will be about $30 or less.  If you need an estimate check  I am in area code 32726 and the total weight for an average shelf clock is 10 pounds and more like 25 pounds for weight driven clocks. The cost of 20 pounds from here, in the Orlando, Florida  area, to California is less than $25.00 including $600.00 insurance. Beware that the big marble clocks could weigh over 40 pounds including packing.

Clocks need be treated as being fragile for shipping purposes.  The works of the clock are very robust and in many instances has lasted over 100 years. With the pendulum removed and the clock prevented from running no damage should occur in shipping.  All items will be properly packed for shipping.  I will advise you as to when the item has been shipped so you can plan accordingly.


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